Our new state of the art facility, iHub, will enable our children to open their minds to the possibilities and opportunities that innovation brings.

It will ignite their interests and nurture their ambitions to become future scientists, engineers and innovators.

The iHub space is designed to be open and flexible. To be innovative, children require challenge, and an environment that opens their minds to the possibilities of designing and building the future.

They learn from those around them, whilst working with and watching others; they gain confidence in taking risks, making mistakes and providing solutions during the learning process.

Within iHub, children will have a choice of activities, ranging from Minecraft, to virtual reality experiences, to 3D printing and robotics. All of these experiences have been designed to give our children authentic learning experiences, that develop important life skills required for the future.



Robotics enables our students to develop their problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and creative skills.  Preparing them for a future dominated by artificial intelligence.

3D printing allows students to design and create 3D objects and see their designs come to life. The process integrates technology, engineering, math, art, and other subjects.


Virtual Reality can transform the way educational content is delivered. It enables children to experience new perspectives, allowing them to foster empathy and cultural competency because these experiences take them outside of their typical daily interactions.

At VIS, VR is an integral part of our program and carefully aligned to our curriculum standards, ensuring that experiences are meaningful and relevant to the learning goals of our children.

Giving opportunities for the children to be immersed in their learning motivates  them to understand the purpose of what they are doing, and in turn encourages them to ask questions to extend their knowledge and understanding of themes and topics.


Our Makerspace provides a hands-on, creative space where our children can design, experiment, build and invent as they engage in science, engineering and other cross curricular subjects.

Children are encouraged to use their hands and minds to solve everyday problems, invent possible future problems  and solutions or simply chose to remodel an existing everyday item.

By spending time in the makerspace, children open their creative minds to many possibilities.  They are challenged to think beyond where traditional science and design would take them.


Our well-equipped computer lab helps to enhance the scientific and technological research and invention capacity of our students.

The advantage of using computers in the learning process, enables our students to improve their computer literacy, it gives them access to a vast range of resources, and acts as an engaging teaching tool, especially for our audio-visual learners.

From Minecraft to coding, our computer zone  facilitates extra-ordinary opportunities for our children to become more  involved and interested in technological pathways.


Our library is an open space which encourages children to develop a life-long love of literacy, through access to both physical and digital literacy.

It also offers an area for our children to collaborate, present, and perform.


This space is for children to develop their core learning skills. To encourage them to work together to solve problems, create ideas, design presentations,  and challenge each other.  These are all critical skills that are fundamental in giving our children the best foundation to be successful in their future career pathways.

Our free-flowing collaboration space allows students to break out and sit in groups to discuss and work together in a flexible environment.

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