Good governance is essential for any school, anywhere in the world. Our Principal is responsible for all academic decisions within the school for the benefit of the children, including the important drive toward school improvement. Our Principal, supported by the Senior Leadership Team, is accountable for the school’s overall performance and quality. They lead school evaluation, planning, monitoring and improvement through managing communication between all stakeholders including parents, students, staff and the wider community.

The School Governing Board is appointed with the prime responsibility for quality assurance, working closely with the Principal and the staff to ensure continuous improvement of the school both accurately and energetically.

The VIS Governing Board

Dr Abdulla Alawadhi

Dr Abdulla Alawadhi is an Assistant Professor in Public Finance at MBRSG. He holds a DBA degree in Business Administration from the UAE University, Two Master’s in Business Administration & Applied Finance from Newcastle University in Australia. He is a Financial Consultant with 25+ Years of practical experience in fields of: Finance, Accounts, Strategic Management and Business Development, in Government, Semi-Government and Private Sectors. Dr Abdulla holds many specialized recognized certificates as; a Certified Public Auditor, Tax Agent, Judicial Expert and Arbitrator. Dr Abdulla is the founder & CEO of U Figures Group (Consultancy, Chartered Accountants & Commercial Broker). Dr Abdulla is Professional Trainer & Financial Consultant specialized in Corporate Finance, Accounting, Taxation & Entrepreneurship. Dr Abdulla is a Board Member of Emirates Association for Management Consultants & Trainers, holding a position of Treasurer. Finally, Dr Abdulla is an active person in the official media and social media, his interest is to publish the Financial knowledge for public.

Dr Mahmoud AlBurai

Mahmoud AlBurai is currently serving as senior advisor in Dubai mandated to work on a plan to make Dubai more competitive. Mahmoud leads Middle East Cities Centre at the American University in Dubai working on research and development related to field of sustainability and competitiveness.He is also Chairman of UNDRR ARISE network in the UAE and Director of Middle East Cities Center at the American University in Dubai. Before this role Mahmoud has served as the CEO of Dubai Real estate Institute for 10 years in which the institute graduated 80,000 real estate professionals from the region. He was chosen in 2021 as one of 10 City Changers by the World Urban Campaign of the UN recognizing his role in lobbying stakeholders to advance SDGs and deal with climate change.


He is also the Vice President of International real estate federation, FIABCI Arabic Countries since 2016 , Chairman of FIABCI Emirates and sits on the board of International Real estate Federation, the world largest global real estate network of more than 1.5 million associate members. Before that he served on the board of International Real estate Society (IRES) for 5 years and the board of National Association of Realtors(NAR), 1.3 million member real estate network based in Chicago for the years 2019-2020.

He served as the Chairman of UN Global Compact UAE from 2015-2020 and represented MENA region in UN Global Compact advisory board for 2016-2018. In his role as UN Global Compact MENA representative led many SDG’s driven initiatives. He started youth ambassadors programs in seven UAE universities recruiting over 150 youth, train them to help businesses become more sustainable. He also led establishing Women empowerment principles platform in the UAE with 60 companies signing on WEPs commitment. To promote SDGs among business, Mahmoud launched SDGs pioneers UAE celebrating SDGs success stories of private and government organizations. Mahmoud has been selected to be FIABCI representative at the United Nations Economic Commission for West Asia (UNESCWA) and UNECE (Geneva).


Prior to his position in Dubai Real estate Institute, Mahmoud worked as Senior Director of Real estate Sector development at Real estate Regulatory Authority of Dubai and few years as a Development Associate Manager at Dubai holding.

Mahmoud completed his bachelor’s degree in engineering at the American University before continuing on to earn his Master’s in Real Estate from National University of Singapore .Mahmoud completed his MBA in Finance from his alma mater, American University of Dubai in 2010 and Master of Cities at London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE) in 2019 and DBA at Grenoble ecole de management in France in 2020 .

Recently Mahmoud established his Think Tank in Geneva under the name of Middle East Sustainable Development Institute to lobby governments, businesses and communities to action on SDGs in the Middle East. His mail role is to lobby private sector in the region to be actively involved in SDGs, during his presidency, UAE local network became the fastest growing network internationally. Moreover, Mahmoud leads the affordable Housing working-group at World Economic Forum. Mahmoud also serves as an advisor-MENA region at Happy City Lab, headquartered in Canada which works on integrating happiness into urban design.


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